Self doubt and writing a bio…


I have written before here about self doubt and how crippling it can be, and while most people don’t admit it, we have all suffered from it at some stage.

I have been writing a lot more lately and absolutely fucking loving it. I have been rendered pretty well house bound by a blown disc in my back, so I have been reading through some of my old posts, writing a lot more, planning on finally writing my book, and also recently made some small changes to my biz website. I love love love writing!

While making the changes to my website, I was reminded of the time I was trying to develop it. I had everything ready, the designer, the logo, the templates, the content, everything – except my bio. It was a huge block for me. I kept faffing about, avoiding it, and not wanting to face doing it. I couldn’t really understand why at the time, but it was definitely fear and self doubt holding me back. I said I was uncomfortable with self promotion and writing about myself and yes that is true, but why? On some level did I think I wasn’t good enough? Was I scared of what people would say about me once they read my bio? Why the fuck did I care anyway?

So after about 6 months of this avoidance nonsense, I had a bright idea. I would engage a copy writer to do it for me. Great! Job done. Trouble was I still needed to tap into those questions I seemed unwilling to ask myself anyway, when she sent me the material to allow her to write my page. I did it however, and gladly handed the seemingly impossible task over to her.

She did as she was paid to do. It was nice. It was clever and a tiny bit funny.

It wasn’t me.

My voice was missing. It was her voice, trying to be my voice, but it wasn’t me.

When I read through all of the other bits I had written for my website, my bio stood out like dogs balls.

So I finally sat down one day and in about 5 minutes flat, punched out my bio, on my own, and I loved what I wrote. It felt great! What was I so scared of? It wasn’t that hard!

I lost about 9 months of time I could have had my site up and running and I kicked myself. All of the time it was there, lurking, hanging over my shoulder, on my to do list, reminders and deadlines passed, reset and passed again. However it was what it was.

I have been talking with a friend about my passion for writing and finding your voice. She has encouraged me to help other writers and to do what I love for and with other people. When friends read my posts they say they can hear me, it is as if I am speaking to them. I love that. I had a great compliment from a published author of many books who came across my blog and wrote to me after she read this post a few years back. She said I had a “great voice”.

Have you found your voice? I will be launching a range of writing services – very soon.

Stick around and see if we can create some magic together. ❤



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