Chilled out at Chill

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Yesterday we moved from Ubud to Seminyak for the remainder of our trip. We are staying with friends that are here on holidays from Bahrain. I say friends because we are, but we only physically met for the first time yesterday. Michelle and I were introduced by a mutual friend who knew we would hit it off instantly, and she was right. That was mid 2010. Since then we have chatted regularly on Facebook, phone, text message and once on Skype. When we met face to face, it was like we had only seen each other the day before. Instantly easy and comfortable – awesomeness!

We decided to enjoy some pampering together, so we booked a 90 minute appointment at Chill, one of my many favourite places to go, I have so many favourites and this place is right up there for me. Chill is owned, managed and right next door to Prana Spa at the Villas, one of the premier spa experiences in Bali. As an aside I have also been there and it is incredible.

Chill lives up to its name. It is a complete chill out experience from beginning to end. The reception area is a whisper zone, and customer service is exceptional. I hadn’t actually been in for 8 months and the receptionist remembered me from previous trips. The thick padded doors leading into the treatment area prevent traffic and any other noise from travelling through. After you choose between hot or cold lemon tea, your feet are washed in the best set up I’ve ever seen.


When you walk through the door, you are led to a beautifully comfy lounge in a darkened, almost silent room. An iPod with chilled out tunes adds to the zen atmosphere. The therapists are all highly skilled and the treatment is to die for!


We chose the 90 minute “holistic chill” which was a clothed full body accupressure massage in addition to the usual fantastic reflexology. I went off somewhere blissful during the 90 minutes, maybe I slept but all I know is that it was bliss.

By Western standards Chill is inexpensive, but not in comparison to some other experiences in Bali. Our 90 minute session cost $32 USD, a bargain at twice the price for me, but not the usual $7 treatment some people are accustomed to.

I would happily go there every single day if time permitted. I wonder if I can fit another session in between my mani/pedi/facial and tattoo tomorrow????

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