I have had enough!


I feel as if I am caught between two completely opposing worlds at the moment. One makes total sense to me, and the other, I just cannot fathom for the life of me.

On the sensible side (to me anyway) is the zero waste/minimalism/vegan movement. I am reconnecting with this lifestyle on a more consistent basis, as it’s something I have always enjoyed being part of and I tend to hover between being on the outskirts and fully immersed. From an environmental, financial, ecological, compassionate and common sense perspective, I feel this approach is the key to our survival as a species and the survival of our planet. I also appreciate that we can take tiny steps or full lifestyle overhauls and anywhere in between is perfectly ok, as tiny tweaks all add up over time and everything we do or don’t do has an impact.

On the other side, let me call it madness, because this is my blog – is the current wave of panic that seems to be clogging my newsfeed about what to buy for people for Christmas. First let me say that when my kids were little I was guilty of going a little overboard and if I had my time again I most likely would do things differently, but even with my definition of overboard it does not compare to the current things I am seeing online. My personal preference has always been hand crafted, small business owned, and unique gifts and for the most part I do quite well with this.

Santa minimalism

I know that people often want to buy and do the best for their children and families for Christmas, however what I am seeing this last six months on Facebook is an overwhelming sense of the NEED to purchase so many things. All the time.

The reason it has come to my attention is that I offer a service called Afterpay on some of my products and as part of that I am in some of the Afterpay groups on Facebook. Afterpay is a way of buying products on an interest free basis and paying them off over a few fortnights. It helps many people who may not otherwise be able to afford things, and the intention is sound I am sure, and I have certainly got a set of clients I may not otherwise have attracted. However on these pages my news feed is often full of constant posts about ‘needing’ to buy something to cheer them selves up, or who have almost paid off their existing purchases and want to buy things to take their limit back to its maximum again.

There is also a palpable sense of desperation from some parents who NEED to find a particular toy for their children for Christmas and frantic shout outs to find these toys, and people paying often exorbitant amounts to get these toys and products. I have seen countless, probably in the hundreds of posts of people bordering on hysterical when their items purchased online are not in stock and they are refunded their money. I have seen so many people bordering on despair when their orders don’t arrive in days because they “NEED” them. I also see sellers in other groups being continuously hounded, harassed and publicly shamed in forums when items don’t arrive in a day or two, as it’s an urgent purchase.

Sorry, none of this is urgent. None of it. Never will be.

Posts like this appear many times a day “Who has ordered from Big W (or almost every other online store in existence) and how long did it take for your order to come?” “I urgently need all items unicorn/princess/Disney/rainbow/whatever the latest trend is”. “I urgently need ………” My son/daughter has finally told me she wants ….. for Christmas – HELP!”

The two that get literally hundreds of comments at the moment are LOL Big Surprise and Hatchimals. Both are incredibly expensive and in the case of LOL Big Surprise it’s basically a plastic ball full of plastic bits and pieces and junk. I have also heard that Hatchimals are basically ignored after a day or so. These sell for around $100. There was one woman in a state of utter panic the other day as she wasn’t able to determine if she had bought the right Hatchimal as her daughter ONLY wanted a certain colour.

I have seen posts where people list all of the things they have bought for the children and asking other parents if they think they have bought enough.

I could go on and on and on. And on.

It makes me feel sick at the thought of the waste, plastic, crap, consumerism and money spent on things that don’t matter. They don’t matter at all. I don’t know what the solution is but I do know that the solution lies with us, and only us.

I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend our consumer obsessed society will improve in time and I love all of the advocates for zero waste movements sharing ways we can live more consciously and intentionally but sadly they are being drowned out by the loud, plastic, garish brightly coloured trinkets that will ultimately make their way to landfill, to sit in large piles, swill in our oceans and be there for generations to come.


It’s time for us to wake the fuck up and realise what’s important.

People. Connection. Love. Clean water. Peace. Compassion. Our beloved Gaia. Oceans. Wildlife. Nature. Listening. Family. Friends. Quality time. Friendship. Kindness. Gratitude. Health.

These things are important and I think they qualify as being NEEDED and URGENT.

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