My favourite vegan YouTubers


The vegan movement is a rapidly growing social movement and probably the quickest growing one we’ve seen in many years. Whether you are vegan or not, chances are you know someone who is or you’ve read one of the many articles discussing the benefits on health, the environment, the planet and the animals. Social media has played a large role in its popularity as people are realising that it is one of the easiest ways we can have an impact as individuals.

I have been asked recently by a few people to share some of my favourite sites and so I thought today I’d share some of my favourite YouTubers. I love YouTube and enjoy watching people opening their lives and homes to us to learn a little about many things. Veganism is an increasingly trending topic on YouTube and so there are literally thousands sharing this lifestyle right now. From animal rights activists, to health concerns, vlogging and recipes, there are as many styles and areas of focus as there are people.

Today I have chosen a few of my personal favourites to share with you. I enjoy channels that uplift and inspire and focus on health and wellbeing and all of these chosen YouTubers do exactly that.

Sweet Potato Soul Jenne ‘shares unique and tasty vegan recipes, ethical fashion, natural beauty, and more to help inspire a compassionate lifestyle.’ Beautifully shot, high quality videos with fabulous soundtracks combined with an upbeat, positive outlook make for great viewing. She just makes you feel good watching her.


Jenne Claiborn

Pick up Limes ‘welcomes foodies, minimalists, travellers and all beautiful souls. Get inspired or find a calm and relaxing space with the collection of videos that help to nourish the cells and the soul.’ Sadia is a qualified dietician who has rapidly grown a huge following on YouTube and for good reason. Her videos are incredibly beautifully filmed and produced and her gorgeous heart centred and sensible approach to life is inspiring and infectious.



The Fairy Local Vegan ‘makes YouTube videos about trying to live a conscious life, striving to be zero waste, veganism, minimalism, being a gentle attachment parent, and all things health related.’ Amber is a home schooling mum who shares everything from recipes to health challenges. She is very natural, easy going and I enjoy her videos a lot.



Sustainably Vegan Immi talks about minimalism, vegan living and low impact living. Her videos are thoughtful, well put together and her voice and demeanour is very calming.

Ellen Fisher is a home schooling mum living a high raw vegan lifestyle in Hawaii. She talks about gentle parenting, vegan living, raising kids and health and wellbeing. She is vibrant, inspiring and makes me want to eat delicious food every time I watch her videos. She recently gave birth to her third child and filmed a beautiful video of her water birth for YouTube.

Hannah McNeely is Ellen Fisher’s sister, also a vegan and talks about everything from vegan living to teaching, zero waste and all in between. She is incredibly funny and I always enjoy her videos as they are light hearted, well produced and very enjoyable. She also has a great podcast called Earth To Us.


Hannah McNeely

Jinti Fell I met Jinti and her partner Chris a year ago when they rented my villa in Bali, at the time they had about 3000 subscribers. As at today they have reached an astounding 317K. They have recently blogged about living in a van, vegan living, intentional living and gentle parenting. They tend to share day in the life type of videos and they are very relaxing and super enjoyable.


Jinti and Chris and their daughter Aya

There are many more I enjoy and I could go on forever but these are my top choices for now. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Also I am hosting an introduction to vegan living retreat with my friend Caroline in October this year in Ubud Bali. If you’d like to find out more, here are the juicy details.

I’d love to hear your favourites too!

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Finding home…


Tonight I found home. It’s been a while and I’m so happy to have found it again.

But before I talk about where I found it, let me explain a few things. I haven’t written in a while, and my last few posts have been quite ranty and tanty. I have felt like my head is spinning and to be completely honest (which I always am) I’ve felt overwhelmed, and a little bit lost.

When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down, scroll Facebook and watch nonsense on Netflix while occasionally walking from room to room shaking my head at all the things I have to do, furiously making lists that have too much on them, before making another cup of tea and scrolling once again.

Anyone who knows me will attest to fact that I do a lot of things. Some people say I have too many interest/businesses/things in my life, but I am the epitome of a multi passionate person. It’s not about money, I just love doing lots of things and for me it’s so liberating to be cubicle free. I want to do all the things. All of them.

I have six businesses, a charity, a social enterprise and many creative pursuits that I love. I have been considering cutting back on some, but apart from one, which is my app, I honestly love each and every one of them and don’t want to give them up, well not right now anyway. When it comes to money, I believe in abundance and never quite know where my next income will come from, but I always have enough and know that I always will. Always.

So back to the spinning head and overwhelm. It’s not from all of the things I do, none of them are full time and all are passion projects. I feel like it comes from a place of not taking time to listen and find home. Yes I know that scrolling Facebook and watching Netflix isn’t finding time to listen but that’s how I deal. For a long time I dealt with my stuff by writing and I’ve missed that, so it’s nice to be here sifting and sorting out the thoughts in my head via the keyboard and the inter webs.

In addition to not taking time to listen, there is a part of me that is feeling distressed, dismayed and almost helpless about the state of our beloved planet, and the level of distress has left me reeling and and with that awful sense of hopelessness that comes when we feel like we have no control over our situation. As a control freak I can tell you this is a dark place for me. The way I’ve figured out I can dealt with it is to remind myself of the fact I can only do what I can in my own space, with the resources I have and do my best to be a source of information and inspiration for people who want to know more about how to look after our precious one and only home.

It also comes from a feeling that I have so much more to offer the world than what I have been doing and want to find that place of deep authenticity where I am living, loving and giving from my heart space.

So that word – home. Tonight I found home again.

I found it at yoga. I am a long time yoga lover and tend to come and go to classes for various reasons relating to my physical and mental health, maybe that’s another post, and I’d like to think I’m back on the mat for good this time.


Home isn’t a place, an address or a country. To me anyway.

Tonight I found home on the tip of my nose as the air gently passed by my face. I found it in the soles of my feet as they held my body strong in mountain pose, it was there in my spine as I did gentle compassionate back bends. I found it on my skin as we were encouraged to hold ourselves with love. I found it in my heart as I held my hands in prayer pose.

I found home, deep inside of me.

Right where it has always been.

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